Wacky Verse

Click here for our veganised versions of some traditional Nursery Rhymes 🙂

Click on the pictures below for other quirky rhymes for kids:

poem-link vegan fairy tale vegan poem  children's poem  vegan poem  VEGAN  POEM  Hee Hee said the cow link  pop crackle link  think to question  there's a spider in my shower cap  vegan children's poem  the hungry compost bin 12 days of vegan Christmas vegan tongue twisters I've got a bamboo toothbrush isn't it a yucky thing cheep chirp Dear Giovanni Luke Walker and the hypothetical question Look at this can lentil burger with mushrooms and leeks  Love the Little House books answerin' back  Puddlesplashers  why are you a vegan Daisy Blue vegan-doll-poem-link I will not

9 thoughts on “Wacky Verse

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  3. “Chickens are people just like dogs” – I really like that one, even though I’m not vegan (but I’m close)! 🙂


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